What is the Men of Malvern?

We seek and welcome new members. Most of our members have been introduced by others in the group, but if you have an interest in joining and don’t know any members send a brief introduction about yourself to

MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN to men living or working in Malvern, or those identifying with Malvern. This may be having lived in Malvern but moved out of the area, living close by and associating with Malvern schools or friends etc.

We aim to increase membership to at least 100 MEN OF MALVERN, men of wide age range and interests. The Men of Malvern will always be a diverse group, and each member will contribute what he thinks helps the most. For some it will be contributing financially, others hands on involvement. For some it will be ideas or contacts, and others friendship. It all counts towards a vibrant and energetic association.

We will get together at dinner meetings with topical speakers and at more informal gatherings. The committee wants to create an opportunity for members to get to know each other and network as they desire.

A happy group of members at the Citizen of the Year awards night in August 2015.

Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, 2nd May 2013.